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Winalert is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by any of the listed products or retailers. To stop, send STOP to 88222 . This service is provided by Moonlight Mobile Ltd. For help, call 03330305859 or email

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By joining, you agree to the terms and that this mobile will be charged £1.50 per message (max 3/week) for SMS alerts featuring the latest and greatest deals/offers until you send stop to 88222 .

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By joining, you agree to the terms and that this mobile will be charged £1.50 per message (max 3/week) for SMS alerts featuring the latest and greatest deals/offers until you send stop to 88222 .

Terms & Conditions

Chance to WIN £200 to spend on Nike:

Test and Keep a Dyson

Chance to WIN £100 to spend at Spotify:

Review a family holiday to Disneyland Paris

Chance to WIN a FitBit Ionic:

Review and keep a MAC Cosmetics bundle worth £200

Chance to WIN the newest iPhone:

Review a cooking class at Jamie Oliver's School

Chance to Win a £200 GHD Bundle:

Test and keep a VTech First Steps Baby Walker

Chance to WIN £250 worth of Sephora:

Become a mystery shopper at Accessorize

Chance to WIN £300 in Shopping Vouchers

Reviewer Premium Quality Tails dog food

Become a mystery shopper at Victoria's Secret

Terms and conditions


Helpline: 03330305859
This service is provided by: Moonlight Mobile Ltd

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General Terms of Service

Winalert is an Alerts Service bringing you the latest ‘Win & Offer Alerts’ for great offers and prizes. Neither Moonlight Mobile or Winalert are affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by any of the listed products or retailers. Winalert is a brand of Moonlight Mobile Ltd.
Age 18 or over. This is a non subscription service and will cost £1.50 per alert (max 3 per week) until you send STOP to 88222 to stop at any time.
Here's how it works: Enter your number carefully on this website and you will be prompted to confirm your activation via on screen instructions and on your phone via text to confirm that you would like to activate the Winalert service. Winalert will send you regular alerts when new and exciting prize offers are available from third party suppliers. You therefore consent to receive such third party offers unless you send STOP to 88222 .
Ts and Cs apply, so please read them! Joining implies acceptance of the Ts and Cs and confirmation that you are the bill payer, or have the bill payer's permission.
Our policies and procedures are constantly under review in an effort to provide a good level of customer service. From time to time we may update our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies to improve the user experience and to comply with legal and regulatory obligations. Therefore, we recommend that you occasionally revisit these terms in order to familiarise yourself with any amendments or changes to service policies.

1.Method of Entry

Entrants may enter the Winalert service via:
• This website (either through desktop version or mobile version)

2. Opening/Closing Dates and Times

The Winalert is an ongoing premium rate alert service and therefore has no specified date of termination. Moonlight Mobile does however reserve the right to terminate the service at any time. Joining the Winalert service implies consent to, and acknowledgement of these terms and conditions. Competitions and Promotional offers are completely independent from this service and therefore Moonlight Mobile assume no responsibility for the operation of the promotional prize draws offered herein.
All members who do not send STOP to the billing shortcode (or are not otherwise stopped by our Customer Services Team) will automatically be sent promotional Alerts for competition opportunities as and when they are made available by Winalert. For the avoidance of doubt, the billing shortcode is the five digit code that appears in the 'from' line on each text received from the service.

3. Termination

To terminate your Winalert notifications, simply reply 'STOP' to any of the promotional messages received on your handset. This text message is not case sensitive, however any other variation of this text may not be accepted (E.G. Please STOP). Please only consider the service successfully stopped once you have received a Free reply text message from the same shortcode, informing you that the service has been terminated. Customer Services 03330305859. If you have not received a text message to this effect then please contact us to confirm your service has been cancelled.

4. Billing via SMS

If you have entered via the internet, after submitting your mobile number to us via one of our online promotions that uses premium SMS to make any charges, you will receive a text message asking you to validate your entry by responding via text message. It is very important that you respond as indicated, as it is at this point that you will be entered into the Winalert service for notifications of featured prize opportunities. If you do not validate your entry in the correct manner you will not be entered into the service and therefore will not receive any such offer alerts. Once you have responded to the text message and validated your entry, you can send "STOP" prior to receiving your billed message, which will opt you out of the ongoing alerts and receiving premium rate charges. A monthly 'cost reminder' message is sent to the handset every 30 days. This will reconfirm the service pricing and remind you how to cancel your membership should you no longer wish to receive such alerts. Please consider saving this message on your phone for future reference. Your first billed alert will be sent to your phone shortly after you send the initial message confirming your participation. Thereafter, ongoing promotional alerts will be dispatched as and when available, and will be restricted to three per seven days (3x£1.50). Where credit is not available to successfully bill the premium rate charges, for example Pay As You Go (Pre-Pay) mobile users, the Winalert messages may not be delivered to the phone at the intended time. However further attempts will be made to deliver the message and will only expire in the event that the promotion is no longer available. Should a mobile network operator encounter failed delivery attempts of a premium message prior to a user sending in the STOP command, the network may still attempt to re-deliver the failed message even after the STOP command has been sent to the promoter. Users understand and accept that the promoter has no control in this matter. However the promoter will ensure that no NEW premium messages are generated by the promoter after receipt of a valid stop command. All STOP commands are answered by a free text confirming the STOP command and the cancellation of the participation as explained in the Termination (3) section of this page. Employees of Moonlight Mobile Ltd and its associated and contracted companies, their families, individuals monitoring this competition service for or on behalf of mobile network operators or regulators and anyone connected with the provision of this competition, or those ineligible to enter under any other clauses in these terms, may not participate in this service. The promoter reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the services and Alert notifications provided to you.

5. Our Liability

The Liability of the promoter and its managing company shall be limited to the amount of the Winalert notifications successfully paid. We shall not be liable: • For any loss or damage that we could not have reasonably been expected to foresee at the start of the agreement, or for any loss of or corruption to data, systems, equipment, or • For the actions of any independent third parties in connection with the third party prize offers, in particular the determining of the validity of any potential winners and any unforeseen circumstances that may prevent any third party draws from taking place.

6. Email and Mobile Marketing Terms & Conditions

By giving us your mobile number and email address, you agree for Winalert and its managing company to send you either an occasion email or text, notifying you of the latest offers and promotions available from our group. If you ever wish to be removed from any of our email/text broadcasts, you will have a link provided on each email saying 'UNSUBSCRIBE'. Alternatively you can call our helpline on 03330305859. Once you do this, you will be removed from future broadcasts within 28 days of your request.

7. Assignment

Winalert reserves the right to assign the agreement to and acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. The user may not assign any of his/her rights or obligations arising from their agreement to and acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

8. Contact

The promoter is Winalert, a brand of Moonlight Mobile Ltd. Tel 03330305859.

9. Changes to these Terms & Conditions

We aim to meet high standards and our policies and procedures are, therefore, constantly under review. From time to time we may update our Terms & Conditions and Privacy policies to optimise the user experience and to comply with legal and regulatory obligations. Accordingly, we recommend that you check these pages periodically in order to review our current policies.

10. Complaints Procedure

We always do our best to meet the needs of those who contact us, but we appreciate that sometimes you can find yourself in a situation where you are not happy with the service that has been provided. If you would like to make a complaint regarding the contact you have had with, or the service you have received from us, then this policy sets out the process for you to use.

Any and all complaints will be dealt with appropriately, and will be investigated by a member of staff within the company with sufficient seniority to resolve the issues. While dealing with your complaint we promise to be respectful of you at all times, in turn we expect the same behaviour towards our staff. Customer service calls may be recorded and our staff reserve the right to terminate any call in which they feel abused or threatened. The majority of all complaints can be handled and resolved at the first point of contact, however this is not always possible. We aim to complete all investigations and resolve all complaints within 10 working days of the complaint being made.

How to make a complaint All complaints can be made by telephone, in person (by appointment), in writing or by email using the below information: Telephone: 03330305859 Moonlight Mobile Ltd Email:

For your complaint to be properly registered please provide us with the following information:
• Your full name, preferred contact method, number and email address
• Your postal address, so that communication in writing can be made where necessary
• Full details of the complaint including any dealings you may have had with us, or any of the services we provide.

We would suggest you advise of what happened, when it happened, who you dealt with if anyone, what you would like further clarification on, why you think what has happened is wrong and what you would like us to do to put things right. All of the above information will be kept confidential and private, to be used for the sole purpose of investigating and responding to the complaint made. This information will not be provided to any third parties unless absolutely necessary in order to fully investigate the complaint, by lodging a complaint, you are agreeing that this can occur.

People who can complain A complaint can be made by either someone who has received services from or relating to Moonlight Mobile Ltd, or a representative of the above described service user. Where a representative wishes to make a complaint on behalf of someone else, they may be required to provide proof that they have the permission of the service user to make the complaint or query on their behalf.

After a complaint has been made Where a complaint is made in person or over the telephone:
• A written record of the complaint will be made and kept, which can be provided upon request.
• A recording of the phone call will be made where possible.

All complaints will receive a response within 1 working day, however if further investigation is necessary before an explanation/resolution can be provided, then we aim to resolve your complaint within 10 working days. In responding to your complaint, we will follow the procedures set out in this policy unless other guidelines are agreed with the complainant, and will ensure that: • You understand how to progress your complaint and are kept informed of this. • You are made aware of the outcome of your complaint promptly. • Your complaint and the information you provide to us is treated in confidence.

We will tell you what steps we intend to take to remedy any complaint that is upheld. Complaints should be made as soon as possible after the incident giving rise to the complaint. We do expect all complaints to be current; however we will accept a historic complaint if we are satisfied that:
• The complainant can give a valid reason for not making the complaint sooner, and
• Despite the delay, it is still possible to investigate the complaint effectively and fairly

It is important for the complainant to be aware that if their complaint involves disputing the use of, or registration to one of our services, they may be required to provide evidence which confirms their claim (E.G. a copy of the mobile phone bill). As with all other personal information, in any instance where the complainant is required to provide additional information or documentation, this will only be used for the sole purpose of investigating and responding to the complaint made, and will be kept confidential and private.

All complainants have the right to refer their complaint on to the appropriate governing body if they are unhappy with the outcome of our investigation, however this referral must be made by the complainant and will not be made by Moonlight Mobile Ltd on the complainant's behalf.

All complainants will be given the opportunity to receive an acknowledgement letter or email upon request. This will discuss not only the complaint itself, but the manner in which the complaint has so far been handled and the period in which the investigation of the complaint is likely to be completed.

Once a complaint has been dealt with Once investigations have been completed, upon request, a report can be provided which includes:
• A detailed explanation of how the complaint has been considered
• The conclusions reached, including any and all remedial action needed, and
• Confirmation that any action needed has either already been taken or, if not yet taken, the proposed timescale when such action will be completed

A letter/email will be sent to the complainant where necessary, confirming all of the above information and reminding them of their right to take the matter further if they are unhappy with the outcome. In circumstances where the response/final outcome of the investigation is not ready within 10 working days we will notify the complainant accordingly and explain the reason why.